Texans Forsake Cowboy Boots for “Wellies”

In her April “Shotgun Wife” column, Ann Kercheville recalls when she and husband Joe left the Texas Hill Country for their first pheasant hunt in Scotland. But Joe got a gander at that English shooting get-up: “No way am I wearing pedal-pushers and knee-boots, with a coat and tie to go bird shooting!” Did Joe go native? Find out on Shotgun Life at www.shotgunlife.com.


Exclusive Shotgun Life Review: The Baserri Mari Elite Sporting Gun

Priced at $3,395 and equipped with low-recoil barrel technology, fully engraved sideplates and some nice wood, the Baserri Mari Elite appears to be a tremendous bargain. But how does it shoot? Shotgun Life’s Noe Roland puts the Baserri Mari Elite to the test. Check out the results at www.shotgunlife.com.

Just a Beat-Up Old Ithaca With a Story to Tell

In the original story “Just a Beat-Up Old Ithaca With a Story to Tell,” Southern writer Roger Pinckney reveals the secrets behind his beloved Ithaca Flues. “Christmas 1986, the last gun Daddy ever gave me. Nothing much to look at, Ithaca Flues…” and so the saga begins threading its way to Miss Beatrice Milley, Honey Horn Plantation and the eccentrics and geniuses of a bygone era whose lives were touched by the old 12-bore. Imagine a warm summer evening in South Carolina, you and Roger on the front porch with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Go to http://www.shotgunlife.com/.

Shotgun Wife – Chronicles of a Hunting Lodge Life

Meet Shotgun Life’s new columnist, Ann Kercheville, who now pens every month “Shotgun Wife – Chronicles of a Hunting Lodge Life.” And who knows better than Ann? She owns Joshua Creek Ranch – the best wing-shooting destination in Texas. In her first piece, Ann reveals her secret-getaway on Joshua Creek Ranch, where she retreats to ponder a landmark birthday. Read it on Shotgun Life at http://www.shotgunlife.com/.

Rockcastle: Candyland of the Shooting Sports

In the 4th installment of our series, “Sporting Clays on the Bourbon Trail,” we visit Rockcastle Shooting Center. Yes, we were there for the sporting clays, but owner Nick Noble is heck-bent on turning Rockcastle into a world-class attraction for all the shooting sports – and there’s a golf course, too. Sound like Candyland? Check out the story at http://www.shotgunlife.com

Free Clays Shooting Tips From the Greats

Get Free Clays Shooting from the likes of Bobby Fowler, Jr., Chris Batha, Peter Blakeley, Bill McGuire, Harlan Campbell, Jr., and others. Visit Shotgun Life at http://www.shotgunlife.com and sign up.

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